Modern Solution Realty's strategy is to provide a full real estate listing service and charge only a fair total 2% Commission (1% for sellers agent and 1%* for buyers agent). MSR also gives $5000 cashback* to the buyers while providing a full-service home buying package.

2000 + Transactions 20M + Saved on Commissions 20B + Transactions 200+ Google Reviews


Total 2% Commission

1% To Seller Agent, min 1% To Buyer Agent. Calculate To Maximize Your Savings!

Billions Sold, Millions Saved.

On Average Sellers SAVED $23,715

2000+ Transactions   I   20M+ Saved on Commission   I   20B+ Transactions   I   200+ Google Reviews


Get $5000 Cash Back Reward

Our experienced agents orient you with step by step process of home purchase and help you to buy home the best and right home matched with your exact criteria.

Buyers Received $5000 CASHBACK 

Full Time Dedicated Realtors   I   Accommodating   I   Offers & Negotiations   I   Hassle Free

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5% Real Estate

Commission is Outdated

1. New Technology Available

Many company still have not adopted the latest technology to streamline their operations and offset overheard expenses.

2. Different Times, Different Market

The GTA housing market dramatically changed with pace and growth in the last 20 years. It's increasingly difficult justifying the same commission.

3. Online Marketing is Big

With nearly everyone having a smartphone in their pocket, it is now more accessible and affordable to reach buyers.

4 The Realtor Role Has Changed

With more available information empowering buyers and sellers, agents are focusing on fewer but more strategic activities.

5. Real Estate is a Volume Business

The more homes a realtor sells, the more money they make. Old models result in an average agent selling less than 10 homes a year, with modern top producers hitting around 50.

6. Too Many Part - Time Realtors

With over 20% of GTA Realtors not producing a single deal in a given year, many have to compensate this inactivity with high commission.

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