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Home buying, with a bonus! Receive $5,000 from our commission for your new journey. When you buy a property, the seller pays a commission that’s split between their agent and yours. We give you $5,000 from our fee. Because real estate has changed and YOU deserve to benefit!

* Applicable to properties $500,000 or more
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I was pleased to work with Mr Majid Golchini from Modern Solution , he is a professional person and meticulous in his work and deadlines. He has completed several successful sales deals for me. I will continue to work with him to complete other sales transactions . I recommend everyone to deal with him .
Malcolm Djiadeu
Malcolm Djiadeu
I heard about Modern Solutions Realty through a friend who raved about a pleasant experience they had listing their home with them. I can honestly say I was not disappointed. Ryan from Modern Solutions has made this experience that much more positive for us. Attentive, empathetic and decisive. Able to answer any questions and concerns we had during the process! Belissima!
Issa Zoumat
Issa Zoumat
Ryan from Modern Solution Realty was phenomenal! Initially hesitant about the 1% commission, but it turned out to be a fantastic deal. Ryan’s expertise and dedication ensured we got the most value. He listened, guided, and delivered the perfect home quickly. Highly recommend Ryan for anyone seeking a reliable and caring real estate agent.
Ryan Harkins
Ryan Harkins
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Modern Solution as a Sales Representative. Looking forward to helping Buyers and Sellers with their services in the near and distant future!
Mike Cotic
Mike Cotic
Neha was instrumental in selling our home above asking and paid attention to every detail on closing .She was awesome .Mike
A bit perturbed by my realtor, I was looking for a new one when I stumbled upon modern realty and got to know about Hannah. So far, I am very happy I did. She brings professionalism to the role that is often riddled with its fair share of problems. Our interaction and engagement with Hannah have been very smooth and friendly. She ensures our requests are taken care of, and truly represents us when speaking to folks on our behalf. We never have had to do any follow-ups and Hannah always ensure a courtesy checkin calls to ensure there is nothing pending and always keep us up to date. We are hoping the rest of the time left in our engagement, as we wait for closing, goes well as well and have no second thoughts about recommending Hannah! She is great!
Michael Lum
Michael Lum
Hamid helped me get a great house at the price I wanted. He was informative and not pushy. Will definitely use again in the future!
Zia Khan
Zia Khan
Very happy with their services . Definitely recommend to sales of your house .
I had the pleasure of working with Raymond Josephain when listing my property. He did a wonderful job representing me & patiently answered all my questions. He was prompt & knowledgeable. I will 100% be calling Ray in the future as I trust him & value his advice. You’ll be in good hands with Ray.

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The real estate industry has changed. Here’s how we can pass the savings on to you.
Our experienced agents are committed to expertly navigating you through every phase of the property-buying journey.
Our agents are dedicated to providing guidance without any pressure to purchase.
Rest assured, we are committed to tirelessly negotiating on your behalf to secure the most favorable price, terms, and conditions possible.
Mere mortgage approval isn’t sufficient for closing; secure your loan by obtaining a mortgage commitment before the closing date.
We conduct an extensive search of all MLS® and exclusive listings we have access to offline.
Get expert guidance on property buying with us! Our agents will assist you in evaluating the pros and cons of each opportunity.
Our agents review the inspection report with you fully before you make your final decision.
After solidifying your property purchase, there’s still plenty of groundwork required to finalize the closing process.

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Buyer Rebate

Get to the Bank

A crucial and straightforward step in the property buying process involves meeting with a mortgage broker or bank. They will inform you precisely how much you can comfortably afford, provide mortgage payment details, and address any questions you may have.

This ensures you have the confidence and readiness necessary for planning your purchase. 

Wants & Needs

At Modern Solution Realty, we prioritize qualifying your needs to ensure no time is wasted on properties that don’t align with your criteria. This is where we delve deep into understanding your preferences for your future property, including what excites you and what doesn’t. Everything matters, from your preferred neighborhood and essential amenities to proximity to schools, commute times, and highway accessibility. 

Purchase Price

Listing prices are merely a starting point; they don’t necessarily reflect the true value or what you’ll ultimately pay for a property. At our agency, we conduct thorough research using data and analytical trends— creating a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) as if we were listing the property ourselves. This analysis provides an accurate assessment of what the property is likely to sell for, ensuring you have a clear understanding of its true value in the current market.

Making an Offer

You have fallen in love and would like to make an offer. We will draw up all the necessary documents and explain to you all the aspects of the offer that you can include or drop to help your chances of the offer being accepted. 

In addition to price, there are other critical factors that can impact the acceptance of your offer—these are known as conditions. Some examples include making your offer conditional on obtaining financing, conducting a thorough inspection, and having your lawyer review the status certificate (if purchasing a condo).

Whether your offer stands alone or is among multiple offers, there are strategies to enhance its appeal, which we’ll guide you through.


When presented with an offer, the seller will have three options to consider:

The seller can accept the offer as is.

The seller can reject the offer.

The seller can counter the offer.

The most common scenario is the third option, where negotiation becomes paramount. Our seasoned real estate agents will take the lead in negotiating with the seller’s agent, leveraging their years of experience to navigate the process effectively. We’ll engage in back-and-forth discussions until you are completely satisfied with both the price and the other terms outlined in the agreement of purchase and sale.

The Deposit

Once the terms of the agreement have been mutually accepted, as the buyer, you’ll be required to provide a certified cheque or bank draft for the deposit amount. This deposit will be held in the selling brokerage’s trust account. In the event that you’re unable to fulfill a condition or unwilling to accept a deficiency uncovered during inspections, the deal will be rendered null and void, and the deposit will be returned to you, the buyer, in full.

If all conditions are met without any issues, the deal will firm up, and the deposit will remain in the selling brokerage’s trust until the closing date.


The condition of financing is usually quick to fulfill as most buyers have already seen a mortgage broker and have been pre-approved. You will just need to visit your mortgage broker and they will begin the final approval process. The common range of time for this condition is 5-7 business days.

The inspection will take place on a pre-agreed upon date by both parties and will run roughly 2-3 hours. We will accompany you and the inspector to the property while he conducts his/her inspection. Following the inspection you will be handed a summary of the findings, at which point 4 things can happen:

All will be good and you will sign the waiver.
There might be issues you would like the seller to fix.
You will ask for money back which has a few variables to consider and we will walk you through all of them at that time.
There is an issue that you are unwilling to accept and are unwilling to move forward with the sale, in which case the deposit will be returned to you in full.

In the case of a condo, The Status Certificate will be ordered by the seller at their own expense ($100) and usually takes between 6-10 business day to receive. The document will then be reviewed by the buyer’s lawyer which can take 1-3 business days. This condition is for the benefit of the buyer and if everything in the document is satisfactory to you, you can go ahead and sign the waiver.

Once all the conditions have been met and the waiver/waivers have been signed the deal becomes firm and you have officially bought a home!


In most cases, offers include provisions for the buyer to revisit the property one or two more times before the closing date. These visits afford you the opportunity to take measurements of specific areas, enabling you to start planning how you’ll utilize the space. Additionally, you can bring your family through to get their input, and you’ll have the chance to ensure that everything is in good working order before finalizing the purchase.

Moving Day

Moving day can indeed be stressful and exhausting, making it a wise idea to consider hiring professional movers. While they do come at a cost, our experience suggests that for larger moves, the investment is often worthwhile. Additionally, if you’re moving into a condo, it’s important to remember to book the elevator in advance to streamline the moving process.

Mortgage Details

During your final meeting with your mortgage broker, they will review the details of your mortgage agreement with you. It’s important to ask numerous questions until you have a thorough understanding of what will be expected of you. Once you feel completely comfortable with the terms outlined, you will proceed to sign off on the mortgage agreement. This ensures that you enter into the mortgage arrangement with confidence and clarity regarding your obligations.

Visit your Lawyer

Before the closing date, you’ll meet with your lawyer to finalize the financial aspects of the purchase. During this meeting, you’ll provide a check for the balance of the purchase price, which will deduct the mortgage amount and deposit, but include additional expenses such as the land transfer tax (LTT) and any other adjustments. Your lawyer will inform you of these adjustments, which may include reimbursing the seller for maintenance fees paid beyond the closing date. This ensures that all financial aspects of the transaction are properly settled before the closing process is completed.

Closing Day

The cheque has been cleared and the funds transferred. Now all you need to do is meet with your lawyer one final time to pick up the keys to your new property!

Congratulations you bought a home!

After your purchase has closed Modern Solution Realty will receive a commission from the listing brokerage (usually 1-2 weeks after closing), at this time we will send you a cheque for your rebate less the transfer fee of $50.00

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