Modern Solution Total 2% Commission 

Total Listing Commission is subject to change. Total 2% Commission is only for residential resale listings. Commission packages for Commercial listings, Assignment listings, Rental listings, etc. are different. Please contact us for commission packages for other types of listings.

1% Buyer’s agent commission is the Modern Solution Realty suggestion to the Sellers. It is the absolute Sellers’ right to pay more commission to the Buyer’s agent, if they are willing to.

Modern Solution Buyers’ Rebate:

1% Rebate of purchased price is not applicable to all buyers and subject to change. It only applies to purchasers of residential resale properties.

Buyers must sign the Buyer Representation Agreement with 1% rebate explicitly mentioned in the Agreement. Modern Solution has no commitment to pay 1% rebate if the Buyer Representation Agreement with 1% rebate explicitly mentioned not signed.

1% rebate is based on more than 2.5% cooperating brokerage commission from the listing brokerage. If the buyer’s agent fee is less than 2.5%, the rebate shall be adjusted accordingly. The minimum commission for Modern Solution is 1.5%, any addition commission up to 2.5% shall be paid to the buyer if Buyer Representation Agreement is signed. Rebate shall be cancelled if the coop fee is less then 1.5%.

Mortgage approval is required for cashback. The cashback shall be paid to the person(s) whose name(s) is/are in the title, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Modern Solution. The rebate shall be paid at or after closing date.