How to Make a Good Living
Real Estate Career
without Ever Begging Sellers to List with You

If you’re:

  • sick and tired of working 70 hours a week,
  • hate pestering people for business,
  • going to listing presentations with no success
  • losing listings to your competition 

And if YOU

Serious about making a six-figure income

We Can Help You To Achieve Your Goal.

With our unique concept, our agents easily earn a six-figure income . . .  and you can earn too.

Why Total 2%?

The new era of high technology and internet has drastically changed all industries

Buyers and sellers now have access to all listings, prices, etc.

Educated sellers, now-a-day, hesitate to pay high commission.

Look at fast growing FSBO websites providing mere MLS listing facilities.

25% of the market is now FSBO listings and growing year after year.  

Modern Solution Realty
Covers the gap between traditional and FSBO brokerages

We provide full MLS service to sellers and charge a fair commission of 2%.

Sellers love our total 2% concept because of huge savings.

They come to us rather than approaching FSBO websites with no service or traditional brokerages that charge high commission of 5 or 4 percent.

The concept gives us a big advantage over the competitions from both sides.

Total 2%” concept was well tested during last 3 years

Our outstanding results shows the success of ”Total 2%” concept:

  • We sold more than 238 listings with only few agents in 2016 and 2017,
  • On average, our listings sold 101% over asking in 13 days,
  • 93.8% of our listings sold through agents from other brokerages, . . . and
  • Our agents earned, on average, over $120,000 a year.

To learn more call our private line; 905-897-7636 or email at agents@modernsolution.ca .

Let’s have a coffee together and talk about our “Total 2%” Concept.

What Differentiates Us from Other Brokerages?

We have a simple, clear, tangible and well understandable message to sellers:

Total 2% Commission for Full Service MLS Listing
No Extra Fee – No Hidden Cost – No Gimmick

We clearly defined what we mean with “Full Service MLS Listing” and sellers know exactly what they get when pay Total 2% Commission.  

We receive many repeat and referral listings from our happy clients.

How Can YOU Benefit from “Total 2%”?

Our unique real estate system not only helps you earn a good living, but generates many happy clients that bring more future business for you. 

With Total 2% concept you don’t have to:

  • be a sticky and annoying salesperson,
  • struggle convincing sellers to list with you,
  • be forced cutting your commission to get the listing
  • be a loser on listing presentations in many cases, and
  • spend thousands on advertising with no result,

Our Full-service Home-selling Package sells itself.

All you have to do is introducing the concept and showing how sellers can save.

In a listing presentation, you just evaluate the property, set up asking price and prepare listing documents.

Even if you are brand new in real estate, you can easily get listings even when competing with hotshots. 

Do YOU make enough money with this model?

Our agents made $120,000 on average during the last two years. Some of our agents even passed $200,000 bench mark in 2017.

As we move on and introduce our Total 2% concept to the public, more sellers directly approach us.

We do not chase sellers, sellers come to us.

Our agents don’t waste their time begging sellers to list with them.

You May Be Concerned if Agents Show Your Listings!

93.8% of our previous listings during last 3 years sold by agents from other Brokerages. 

Thanks to almost all realtors that are honest and ethical showing all MLS listings including ours.

It is almost impossible to hide listings from buyers in today’s era of internet, even if few agents hesitate to show our listings,

This is the beauty of internet and social media.

When a buyer sees a listing through internet and wants to see it, will go for it either with buyer agent or listing agent.

When a buyer loves a home, doesn’t care how much commission agents get. 

We Help YOU to get listings!

We extensively market and advertise, in brokerage level with no agent’s name, on-line and off-line, introducing our “Total 2%” concept.

All our agents including you will benefit from these general advertisings.

When people learn more about our concept, it is easier for you to get listings.

“Total 2%” itself generate leads and referrals. 

In addition, we consistently generate leads and refer them to our agents. 


  1. you generate your own leads with the help of our general advertisings, and
  2. you receive leads from us through our versatile lead generation system.

Receive Full Support and Training to Be Successful.

Our managing brokers have years of experience in training brand-new and seasoned agents. They have all tools and supports you need to be successful.

We believe on field training rather than theoretical classrooms that most brokerages offer.

We offer practical and experimental training, putting knowledge to work in real situations.

What about commission splits?

We have very fair and attractive packages that we’ll share with you in a private and confidential meeting.

Our packages are so attractive that you can resist not to accept.

However, we believe agents should join us not because of the package but for our attractive Total 2% Concept.

If you think in today’s real estate market, “Total 2%” concept is a great idea and can generate more business for you, then let’s have a quick meeting and discuss more you can join.

In the meeting, we answer all you questions, fully orient you with the system and introduce our commission packages.

So, don’t wait pick up the phone and give us a call 905-897-7636 or send us an email at agents@modernsolution.ca



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