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Sell Your Home For Total 2% Commission

1% to the Sellers Agent & 1% to the Buyers Agent.

We Offer a range of Real Estate Services in Welland

Modern Solution Realty, which has offices all throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)- is pleased to provide its low commission real estate services to the thriving neighborhood of Welland, Ontario, Canada.

As part of its dedication to providing cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, Modern Solution Realty offers a unique total 2% commission structure to both buyers and sellers. This implies that each buyer’s and seller’s agent receives a 1% commission. 

This approach is founded on a great deal of industry expertise and an appreciation of the necessity of openness and competition to guarantee that clients receive the greatest deal and value for their house or other valuable asset!


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Experts in Low Commission Welland Real Estate

For more than 15 years, Modern Solution Realty has proudly developed its heritage in the bustling municipality of Welland, Ontario, where the allure of residential communities such as Chippawa Park meets the pulse of a competitive real estate market. We have developed a deep awareness of the local environment as your reliable partner, guaranteeing that each client's particular tastes and needs are not only satisfied but surpassed.

3 Simple Steps

Here are the 3 Simple Steps which separate Modern Solution Realty from other Realty or Low commission Brokerages when dealing with Welland Real Estate

01 Clear Pricing

We openly share our commission plan and offer customized options, so clients know exactly what they're paying for.

02 Expert Negotiating

Our skilled agents use their know-how to get the best deals, reducing costs for buyers and sellers.

03 Helpful Network

Through our strong connections, we provide access to discounted services, further cutting down on expenses for our clients.

In Welland, Ontario, Canada, Modern Solution Realty Inc., a well-known real estate company with a significant presence in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), provides a wide range of all-inclusive real estate services. We provide a variety of full-service real estate products in addition to leasing, purchasing, investing, and providing outstanding customer service at a reasonable price. Modern Solution Realty Inc. is your reliable partner whether you're looking for investment options in Ajax's thriving real estate market, the ideal rental property, or your ideal house to buy. Our committed professionals are here to guide you through the process, making sure your needs are addressed with the highest expertise and care—whether you're a first-time homeowner, an experienced investor, or someone in need of assistance with leasing. You're adding someone who is dedicated to supporting your real estate ventures.

Save More For Things That Really Matter.

Personalized Portal

We offer a personalized service to our clients to ensure all your needs are met!

Licensed & Dedicated Realtor

All our agents are trained, licensed and dedicated to helping you maximize your sale!

Comparative Market Analysis

We use the latest statistical data and analyses to give you a detailed comparative market analysis

Property Preparation

Our team assists in preparing your property from A to Z

Professional Photography

We provide professional photography services to our clients

Advertising & Marketing

We work with the latest technology and all platforms to maximize your exposure!

Listing On MLS + All Real Estate Platforms

We list on all Real Estate Platforms

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  • 2% Total Commission ALWAYS
  • 1% to Buyers Agent
  • 1% to Sellers Agent

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Sell with us and save an average of $23,715

Check the math on a home selling for $1,000,000:

Real Estate

Listing Agents Fee - 2.5% ($25,000)
+ Buyer Agents Fee: 2.5% ($25,000)
Total Commision = $50,000

Flat Fee

Listing Agents Fee - $5,900
+ Buyer Agents Fee - 2.5% ($25,000)
Total Commision = $30,900


Listing Agents Fee: 1% ($10,000)
+ Buyer Agents Fee: 1% ($10,000)
Total Commision = $20,000

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