Plan to Buy a Home?

Getting Mortgage, These Days, Is So Difficult.

But Don’t worry, We GUARANTEE to Get Your mortgage

Starting January 2018, the government set a series of rules and restrictions including the Stress Test that make it too difficult for most buyers to get mortgage approval from banks and other financial institutes.

Many buyers are now unqualified for mortgage and cannot buy their dream home.

Those that are qualified still must go through a stressful and tedious process to finalize the approval.

Some buyers, even after getting mortgage approval, cannot finalize their purchase and fail to close because many times banks decline to release the money in the last moment.

These poor buyers not only can’t buy their dream homes but loss tens of thousands of their deposit money. Some even facing a lawsuit from the seller for more penalty due to the breach of contract.

We, at Modern Solution, established a strong team of mortgage brokers and specialists to help our buyers getting their mortgage.

When you buy with us, not only we help you to find your dream home, but also get your mortgage approval with your best possible interest rate - GUARANTEED.

Give us a call at 905-897-4000 or Click HERE to set a quick meeting and show you how we can help you to get your GUARANTEED mortgage.

Guaranteed Mortgage Is Not the Only Service You Receive.

This offer is valid until December 31, 2018.

Even Though We Share Our Commission With You, We Do Not Cut Our Services 

You get the same level of services — if not more — you expect to get from any other real estate agent 

We search for you all MLS as well as non-MLS Exclusive Listings

We show you as many homes as you wish to see

We give you professional advice to help you make a wise decision

We negotiate on your behalf to get the best price for you

We help you to get your mortgage approval


We help you to close the deal hassle free

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