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1% to the Sellers Agent & 1% to the Buyers Agent.

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Modern Solution Realty is a distinguished real estate firm with a strong footprint in Scarborough, Ontario. With offices strategically positioned throughout Scarborough, we take great pleasure in extending our renowned low-commission real estate services to this dynamic and flourishing neighborhood.

At Modern Solution Realty, we are pleased to introduce a unique 2% total commission structure designed specifically for both buyers and sellers. This commitment reflects our dedication to providing cost-effective solutions while upholding the highest standards of quality. With this approach, both the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent receive a competitive 1% commission.

Our forward-thinking strategy is rooted in years of industry expertise, emphasizing the importance of transparency and competitiveness. Modern Solution is devoted to ensuring that customers in Scarborough receive an unmatched experience and exceptional value for their homes or prized possessions!

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Experts in Low Commission Scarborough Real Estate

In the lively neighborhood of Scarborough, Ontario, where the character of districts like Rouge Hill and Agincourt converges with the rhythm of a thriving real estate scene, Modern Solution Realty has firmly entrenched its legacy for more than 15 years. As your reliable ally, we've nurtured a profound familiarity with the local terrain, guaranteeing that the distinctive preferences and needs of each client are not merely fulfilled, but surpassed.

3 Simple Steps

Here are the 3 Simple Steps which separate Modern Solution Realty from other Realty or Low commission Brokerages in Ontario and Canada

01 Clear Pricing

We openly share our commission plan and offer customized options, so clients know exactly what they're paying for.

02 Expert Negotiating

Our skilled agents use their know-how to get the best deals, reducing costs for buyers and sellers.

03 Helpful Network

Through our strong connections, we provide access to discounted services, further cutting down on expenses for our clients.

Modern Solution Realty Inc., a distinguished real estate firm with a significant presence across Scarborough, Ontario, offers an extensive range of comprehensive real estate services. Our commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions and exceptional service encompasses leasing, buying, investing, and a full spectrum of real estate offerings tailored to the unique landscape of Scarborough. Whether you're on the lookout for the perfect property to lease, your dream home to purchase, or lucrative investment opportunities in Scarborough's dynamic market, Modern Solution Realty Inc. stands as your trusted partner. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor, or seeking professional assistance with leasing, our dedicated experts are here to navigate the process, ensuring that your needs are met with the utmost professionalism and care. By choosing Modern Solution Realty Inc., you're not merely availing real estate services; you're forging a partnership committed to making your real estate ventures in Scarborough a resounding success.

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Personalized Portal

We offer a personalized service to our clients to ensure all your needs are met!

Licensed & Dedicated Realtor

All our agents are trained, licensed and dedicated to helping you maximize your sale!

Comparative Market Analysis

We use the latest statistical data and analyses to give you a detailed comparative market analysis

Property Preparation

Our team assists in preparing your property from A to Z

Professional Photography

We provide professional photography services to our clients

Advertising & Marketing

We work with the latest technology and all platforms to maximize your exposure!

Listing On MLS + All Real Estate Platforms

We list on all Real Estate Platforms

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  • 2% Total Commission ALWAYS
  • 1% to Buyers Agent
  • 1% to Sellers Agent

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Sell with us and save an average of $23,715

Check the math on a home selling for $1,000,000:

Real Estate

Listing Agents Fee - 2.5% ($25,000)
+ Buyer Agents Fee: 2.5% ($25,000)
Total Commision = $50,000

Flat Fee

Listing Agents Fee - $5,900
+ Buyer Agents Fee - 2.5% ($25,000)
Total Commision = $30,900


Listing Agents Fee: 1% ($10,000)
+ Buyer Agents Fee: 1% ($10,000)
Total Commision = $20,000

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